This was a relationship spread I read soon after formally ending my turbulent friendship with Daniel M. Ingram. The left side is me, the top left card being my thoughts about Daniel (note the reversed Buddha), and the bottom being my heart, which is the soaring eagle (freedom and higher path ascension). 

The reversed Queen of Disks at the bottom is the basis of the relationship, and the court cards are normally actual people. The Queen of Disks is my role as the nurturer, the Helper, on the material plane. The reversal indicates that my being assistant, helper, nurturer of MCTB2 was thwarted. This is not a relationship that is safe or life-enhancing.

Earth colors predominate on my side of the spread. This correlates with Ratna energy in the Five Buddha Families. Ratna is “stuck” energy, ruminating, not moving on. Ratna never solves problems, because it is not the energy of doing. So, in general, this reading is showing that I’m ruminating over the whole story, and that my future conduct is bound up in dilemma and confusion.

Fire predominates on Daniel’s side, in stark contrast to my earthiness. His cards are also upright in contrast to my reversals, so he is clear, at least. His thoughts of me are that I am showing strength and pursuit of a higher calling by walking away from him. In his heart, concerning me, is the Tower, the destructive blow that brings release.

Knight of Wands in the middle of the spread is the advice card. It is warning me to be careful to wait for clarity before taking further action. I have powers that I do not understand yet. This is advising restraint lest my concentrated energy become more destructive than is necessary or helpful.

The outcome card shows a riddle: two wrathful sphinxes separated yet joined by the prospect of future peace (white lamb). 

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