The Three-Percent Solution: Attraction, Aversion, and Flow

Only 30 minutes to sit with such sleep deprivation, but what a profound sit in High Equanimity! It started with crying, because I’m doing all this stupid crying in this second path, but perfectly okay crying. I’ve done plenty of “Do Nothing” sits before, especially in Equanimity, but not like this. Being with the big flowing, rocking swaths – yes, now here, closer to surrender. Attraction, aversion, peace, attraction, aversion, peace – flowing around and around and around and around my dim bedroom and then speeding up and up and up like a vortex. I Didn’t feel my body, just melting completely unto it. I could stay and can.

Very nice.

[Postscript a year and a half later – This meditation was one Daniel Ingram adapted from what Sharda Rogell taught him, wrote up, and sent to me when I was having much emotion arise on second path, which is what that path is known for, if you believe in four paths. I loved this meditation and the write-up so much that I worked it into MCTB2. Hopefully, the rest of the practitioners out there will be able to access it soon and benefit too. I titled it “The Three-Percent Solution” because one of Daniel’s instructions was to exert just three percent of possible effort, to rest in ninety-seven percent naturalness.]

[Post-postscript 2017 – I’m unsure of the fate of this little meditation prescription, for after I registered copyright in the version of MCTB2 that was nearly finished, Daniel destroyed all our work and began over again rather than grant me a mere editorial acknowledgment for what amounted to more than $32,000.00 of free authorial work. The choice was a poor one, but it was and is his to make.]

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