Ten Days of Nondual Luminosity

Ten days now of what I’m calling nondual lucidity in walking-around 24/7 daily life! A month ago, as documented in my practice thread, I had a preview of this while staring at a tree. Then it dropped out. Now it hasn’t dropped out once in ten days. Lord, I hope that this doesn’t fade or flip back. That would be terrible.

I stood in the shower the other night, transfixed by the blissful directness of the feel of warm drops of water on my lips.

I play all my favorite albums. I would say that I’m “in the sound,” but that way of putting things is too convoluted for what is
happening. The sound not only absorbs but also precludes the process of perceiving (perceiver). So much nicer.

Grass, trees, clouds, moon, air, warmth, dirty dishes in my sink—all are direct, vibrant, radiant. Actions, too, now—all this way. I can
just sit, staring and listening, and be blissed out for hours.

There is a wonderfulness side effect of not giving a shit what anyone calls or thinks of this attainment. It is its own evidence. I have
it. No pronouncement has it or affects it.

Today while driving around in the oddly spring-like cross-winds, I did sense what I think people may mean by “agencylessness.” It is simply that, if there is no funneling-back gap between what arises/liberates and the someone who seemed before to register
such happenings in order to make them so, then there is indeed a sense of immediacy-yet-variety that does not admit conceptually or experientially of an agent (controller-perceiver).

[Postscript Nearly a year later—true agencylessness doesn’t come until buddhahood, when the grandest of synchronizations happens. Ingram claims agencylessness as part of MCTB Fourth Path, which isn’t buddhahood, but he also says the agencylessness he means isn’t always in the forefront. In my experience, there was deep insight into “agencylessness” as a matter of Timeless Time as early as second path. But what is attained fully at MCTB Fourth Path is the cessation of seeking and therefore doing at the level of perception. This is far short of one’s being able to time travel because a fold in time has been realized and agency liberated. My map differs from Ingram’s in these and other respects concerning third path, fourth path, and the paths from there to buddhahood. The last version I saw of MCTB2 also listed no criteria for second path, except that another cycle of insight staged is completed; I’have much more to say about second path, although even as early as second path, I rejected four-path models. Luminosity is amazing, is nonduality at the level of attention, but it is not the metalevel nonduatlity of emptiness and luminosity with respect to each other. That comes with Fourth Path, when the Subject dissolves for good, the body fields don’t observe each other, and unbounded vastness de-localizes the self.

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