Tarot Spread to Reveal a Hidden Matrix

Below is a 15-card spread that I adapted from a much more general 15-card spread from the Aecletic.net forum, where I’m not a member but an occasional lurker-miner. First I’ll discuss some circle casting and preliminaries. Then I’ll describe the spread. In a separate post, I provide photo and text results of my first use of this spread in my next post.

Casting a Circle of Power, Protection, Support, and Guidance

Last night was a full moon. I took some pressing questions I had about a group I’ve been involved with to the Mary-el Tarot. I’ve never before done any reading on anyone in this group. I began by cleaning the entire room and my altar. I refreshed representations of the four elements (I brought the space myself). I bathed, but on clean garments, lit a beeswax candle and frankincense incense, and added lavender oil to purified water.

Because this reading impinged on secrets held or shadows cast in a multidirectional relationship network, I first cast a circle of impenetrability and protection. I was selective about the only two allies I called into that circle: unquestionable benefactors, heavy-hitters. Also, mindful of moral integrity and the consequences of going forward with such a reading, I asked these benefactors to show me only what was for my highest good for me to know at this time, nothing more. This measure is always wise when you do not have outright permission to pry into others’ secrets and shadows. You have the right to know only what affects you directly; idle curiosity comes with significant risk and issues.

Three cards (but mainly one) ended up being difficult to interpret, but the rest of the spread was clear, consistent, and frankly unsurprising. I went into this ritual and divination to gain information I need to make informed decisions about certain present and future commitments I’m facing. Without it, I was in the dark as to others’ agendas (except for my intuitive suspicions).

Laying Out the Cards

The layout is simple, although the results are complex: Make a matrix of 15 cards, with 3 rows of 5 cards each. Each row, in my adaptation, represents a person or a somewhat transpersonal “entity” in a network (this latter entity could be, say, “management” in a business organization).

Each column represents the same question (approximately) posed for the particular person and, for some questions, his or her relationship to the row above him or her. The first row entity’s relationship is to beings on other planes of existence, in my particular reading. Here is the basic template of entities (rows) and questions (columns):

1  2  3  4  5

1  2  3  4  5

1  2  3  4  5

Shuffle, cut, and concentrate on each question in turn. Lay the first five cards out and interpret them fully before laying out the next row. Do the same for the third row.

Comment or communicate through the Questions tab if you use this: I’d love to hear how this spread worked for you.

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