The Elephant Path: Not for Samatha Only

This is fouth-century Yogācāra founder Asaṅga’s nine-stage map for attaining meditative equipoise. Yes, that’s right: this cryptic pictogram is a map. The progress is often said to be samatha only and to exclude liberating insight and jhanas alike.

It ain’t so. More to come on this topic in an eventual book.

A Lucid Dream of the Bardo

This morning I had a remarkable luid dream of five colored orbs, like colored suns before me. I knew in the dream that these were the five wisdom energies and they they were none other than mind. I knew in the dream that these were seen after death, but I also knew I was not really dead but dreaming. The lights started to form into the five budda families, a buddha field.

Then I was excited, which caused me to wake up from the dream!