Trumping Crazed Energies

Some have asked why I’m writing here less often. I’ve been scarce here for a number of reasons:

  • I’m keeping a private journal of my main formal practices, and it is not ripe for revealing to the public;
  • I’m in a stage characterized by “retreat” from interaction and more deeply into the quiet of my body-heart-mind;
  • I’m insanely busy at my day job;
  • I still need to post the rest of my Dharma by Dark Night journal; 
  • I suddenly lost interest in tarot and dreamwork, which is mainly what this journal is about, as it turns out; 
  • I’m trying to grapple with time pressure; 
  • I’ve been swamped with energies of people in crisis and needing support this week; and
  • Because I’m so open now, I am easily swamped with chaos and fear in the field.

And, with regard to the final bullet, boy, has that been intense since Trump was elected. It has been a wild ride. And I am still not carving out sufficient time for writing the dharma book planned. So this journal will be slow for a good while.

Last night, instead of doing only my advanced formal practice, I spent nearly 3 hours in ritual and meditation, calling on holy beings and protectors, doing guru yoga by allowing the Exemplary Being to enter my crown and descend through all the chakras, and sitting as the fierce and protective Mother over Little Jenny and other Little Ones near me and suffering and seeking. When this was over, I had the sudden urge to throw some cards.

Understand the Past: Page of Swords Reversed

The Page of Swords is a card of youthful power and fortune, symbolized by the red dragon tattooed on the girl’s body. Here it is reversed, signifying the inundation of negative energies and discussion of natural and political disasters. 

Understand the Present: The Six of Disks

This card features the archangel Gabriel, whose name means “Strength of God.” This angel is the Messenger and Seat of Mercy. He is the deliverer of divine texts and teachings. This card is about manifesting and integrating good deeds on this physical plane, especially through communication, writing, dreams, and visions. Gabriel heralds Mary’s pregnancy and blows the trumpet before Judgment; so he is about monumental collapse and monumental beginnings, sweeps of aeons beyond historic time. This very Earth and species are at stake in the people I’m now helping through crises. This is a Bodhisattva’s commitment: to stay, to envision, to communicate, to manifest. This card indicates spiritual gifts I already have yet need to earn through hard work for others in need. This is my life’s purpose.

Do This: The Five of Swords

This card features luminous-eyed Athena, with her owls. The number 5 carries elements of suffering and challenge. And indeed there have been challenge and a frenzy of suffering in others that have created a field effect penetrating me to the point of inducing chills, weakness, and feelings of illness, all of which vanished with this 3-hour sit. This card, a 5, means I have to go into duality, so to speak, to retrieve the core of myself so that I’m not so easily swamped and tilted by the crazy energies of the field. I am meeting this challenge of working through my dis-ease and the suffering of the field of beings with intelligence, reason, strategy, and philosophy (stalwart Athenian). Key message of this card, and right on for current context of Fear everywhere, is this: Question all paranoia; invoke and give spiritual protection.

Envision Outcomes: The Seven of Swords

The raven in this card is holding an emerald in its beak, both the sun stolen from the gods and the color of the center of the rainbow, green, as 5 above was the center of the numbered cards. This card, and the whole reading in general, is about movement, deeds, and descent to the physical Earthly plane to guide others with reason. This is, like the other cards, about a Great Work, communication and transmission of knowledge and power. It is a card that tolls my life: To teach, to write.