Dream of Shops and Lush River Delta

Although I’ve shelved for now working on lucid dreaming with deliberate effort and techniques, I will keep recording dreams that I can recall.

About three mornings ago, I had a dream that was sort of jumbled, although I’m confident that it would have been much more coherent if I had recorded it soon after waking. What chiefly interests me about this dream is a certain juxtaposition of scenes that has been recurring over many months, maybe years. It is simply some clothes shops that remind me of vintage thrift shops I used to frequent in college, and a lush green river delta. What is this contrast about? It is as if I keep getting interrupted from shopping and pulled to the nature scene to intervene in some cosmic situation.

So there I was, shopping, and then suddenly I was at this delta that I’ve seen over and over again in my dreams. (Is this a real place? It is sort of North Florida by looks.) In this case, I had been transported out of the shop to the delta because my son was running loose without sufficient parental supervision, although adults and even his father were around. I think he was the adult he really is now and then was about 5 years old, with that pale blond hair he used to have. I wasn’t a participant in the festivities at the river site. I was more like a ghost, hovering, watching, there just to protect my son.

Throughout my son’s life, I’ve had dreams of his being near or in threatening waters. Sometimes I’ve had to swim to the bottom of a black cold cave river to save him. In waking life, the first time I brought him to the pool, at age 2, he ran, jumped in, and sank to the bottom! I had to dive in and pull him up from the bottom of the pool! He was always having to be herded away from bodies of water. That boy always has been a handful!

Child-in-water dreams are common to mothers, I think. It is the dream of the womb, as well as of the watery tomb; enmeshment and threat.

Anyway, in this dream, the “ego” was moving as if by intention and as if semi-aware of being able to relocate by sheer intention and float like a ghost with protective love over the whole delta, for the apple of her eye.