Dream Incubation: Fair Warnings

At the end of this dream narrative audio, I mention that I’m going back to sleep to gain more information about its meaning. I did return to dream land, and I did have further dreams, one of which was remarkable, lucid, and literally healing me from current illness. I’ll post separately on that second dream sequence, and then I’ll post separately again to evaluate these dreams for what I can take into waking life to actualize their messages. 

Practice well, all.


Here I’m discussing how the third chakra practice I’ve been doing for a few months has made me realize, experientially, that the deeper in, the farther out. Feeling vertically down into my individual life and emotional suffering, in other words, is release. The power center of the body starts releasing by itself, and the mystery of liberation by crucifixion is realized and made automatic through through this experience.


This was a very significant, clear dream. I later told it to my teacher, and he asked me why the fuck I got in the back of the van with the crazy clown man, hahahaha! He said that this is tale of abduction of a little girl!

He told me to look at my dreams in terms, first, of how I, the ego, is moving through the dream. Here I’m being led along by others, am gullible and unquestioning. He stated that I am probably feeling that way at times during the day and that if I can figure out how and why I become obscured from awareness during my dreams, then I might better recognize when I’m obscured during the day.

Until I just relistened to this, I had forgotten that I became lucid at the end of the dream. My teacher had said I was not aware, gullible, but I was lucid after I saw Daniel, saw through his deception and bluff.

I had a series of dreams in 2015 about Daniel. They were all extraordinarily clear and real. They all were quite remarkable to me. They are documented in the prequel to this practice journal, in the backlog I’m slowly moving to the online version: http://dharmabydarknight.tumblr.com/.

The gypsy caravan continues the theme of traveling, homelessness, featured in my dreams for months now.


Here I discuss B. Alan Wallace’s Dreaming Yourself Awake, some of his suggestions, and some success I had with one dream. 

I think I forgot to mention in this recounting that I had been using thresholds during the day to trigger my asking myself whether I were dreaming. In the dream, it was when I looked back at the threshold of the bathroom that I realized that I was dreaming.

Correction–B. Alan Wallace, not Alan Watts.