Synchronicities Three

Today, three synchronicities.

Synchronicity 1: Mother’s Sight Lost and Found

Last night, as I slid into the hypnagogic state before sleep proper, clear vision and sound arose: My mother was seated at a desk, in profile, face a-light with the blue of a screen, and she was yelling, “Jenny, Jenny, I can’t see!” I bolted upright in my bed. I had the strangest sense of premonition. I laughed and thought, “Oh, Mama must be guilting me because I’ve not put her birthday card in the mail.” I had not spoken with her for weeks, but in the morning when I looked at my mobile phone I saw a series of messages from her. Worried, I called her immediately, and when she said “hello,” I said, “What? What’s wrong!” She said, “Well, first, how did you know something was wrong?” I sighed and told her the dream. She was amazed. She then said, “Very accurate; last night I wanted to reach you because I couldn’t see my email, and I need you to walk me through fixing the problem!” I was relieved that it was only email she couldn’t see.

Synchronicity 2: That White Cat Ghosted

During the morning, I worked from home before the big bay window in my golden kitchen. Soon after I was off the phone with my mother, the second Synchronicity 2 happened: Out of the corner of my right eye, out the bay window, I saw a big fluffy white cat bound from the upper deck to the lower. I jumped up and craned my neck to watch it bound from lower deck to yard. But instead, it had just vanished into thin air. Moreover, the gate on the top deck was locked. Was I seeing things? It sure didn’t seem so. I saw a white cat, like the one in two dreams now, the last being this past week and about Kurt’s not believing my visions!

Synchronicity 3: The Empath Aparna Beheld

After morning work, I went on campus to sit with my workplace sangha and eat lunch with them afterward. My friend Aparna, an empath, had returned from India, where she buried her father. She broke her toe in the airport upon landing in the United States. She had sought me out, buttonholing me into sitting across from her. She said, “Something is different since I last saw you, Jenny.” I said, “What is it, Aparna, tell me.” She said, “The storm in you has quieted completely.” I said, “Yes, that is right.” We talked about this weird “unknowing” quiet I’m in now, where I no longer react but I don’t yet know how to respond

I told her, in return, that she broke her toe in order to stop. She had to stay at home and feel her losses. The layup also broke a spell, in a sense, by which some greedy person she mentioned had moved into her open energy field and she was wrongly owning the greed as her own. I told her, “Aparna, don’t wish your gift/curse away; but do ground and transform the field of energy – you aren’t bound to be a victim if you do act.” She said, “I always gain insight in talking with you, so I knew we had to talk today.”

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