Sweet-Spotting the Sweetness

I just finished a 45-minute Sunday-night sit, or rather Monday morning because it is past 1:30 a.m.

This sit was rather involved because I spent a while lying on my back and resting behind all organs, into the ground, and then noticing that the boundary between body and ground was open. It sounds strange to say so, but I wasn’t sure about rigpa. I wasn’t dull or sleepy, and the ceiling became almost ultraviolet transparency, but It is hard to feel the reach of rigpa somehow in this position. As soon as I sat up, it was definitely flaring.

I let awareness rest into the first, root, chakra. Later I rested into the third chakra, which I already worked on for months. The highlight of this sit, though, was the second, sacral, chakra–called Svadhisthana, which means sweetness. I learned this meditation on the recent embodiment retreat, and at that time focus on this chakra was a bit like being tickled or hitting the funny bone. There is a fluttering, like a delicate flower, and then it shuts again. However the last time I did this meditation, and again tonight, it stayed open with fewer closings. It was sweet, all right, and warm. Like the head and the palate, it could spread open. And when the Infant Consciousness is found there, the subtle primordial body, that is for me rigpa blazing.

It is a little strange that this chakra would require opening. It is the center for sensual pleasure, sexuality, intimacy, connection, creativity, and feeling–and those are proclivities for me. Anyway, the subtle body is what is surfaced by resting into the layers surrounding the chakra. Here it is vulnerability–sweet, liquid, delicate, and warm.

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