Surfacing the Unconscious

It is Friday. This spread was read last Sunday:

The Past Context: Knight of Cups Reversed

Court cards usually represent actual persons. This card represents a beloved man. The picture is of the young knight who pursued the Holy Grail. A white lotus grows out of the tiers of spilling blood adorning his protective armor. The fountain of blood might represent his heart, except that it is painted on his armor. His real heart – who knows? This card is currently reversed and indicates a context, or past, in which this man, as a youth, was unable to find love. He doesn’t know where to look. Worse – he doesn’t know how to look. He long ago took refuge in duplicity. He fakes love, kindness, and high purpose.

The Current Situation: The Moon

This major arcana card indicates that the man of the first card somehow was a cause or condition feeding the prominence of my dreams, a prominence which has definitely been the case this week. The Moon is the feminine, nighttime, the cyclic, poles ever becoming each other, all things dreamlike, and the hidden and secrets now surfacing as night dreams. The card is about the advisability of my staying shrouded and quiet. Although I was tempted to action right before this reading, this reading indicates that “now is not the time to act.” So I didn’t do what I had planned. Traditionally, the Moon indicates a hidden enemy, or an enemy who is engaged in deception. He is hiding in plain sight.

Warning: King of Cups Reversed

Ah, my old friend the King of Cups! This is the more adept and corrupt version of the Knight of Cups. This is about his denial of the meaning of  dreams and emotions. The warning is about a man who is committing hypocrisy, duplicity.

Outcome: The World

This card simply indicates success, fulfillment, completeness, and individuation if I read the situation accurately and stay shrouded in dark, cool quiet.


This spread has several clear, insistent patterns. There is a man involved. This man has deep emotions (Cups), but he is in denial of them. He is engaged in duplicity, hypocrisy. In the position of past, this man was a youth (Knight) who could not find love, acceptance, or meaning in life. As an adult (King), he is adept at altered mind states and unconscious/subconscious fantasy. He dwells in the cool interior pools of that inner world, just as I live for the nighttime and move through the dreamscape. 

He is not to be trusted. I am to remain still and silent, confessing nothing, asking nothing, expecting nothing, doing nothing. I will become increasingly psychic and responsive. But now is the unknowing time, and I lie in my own dark pool, incubating, dreaming, waiting.

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