Strong State Shifts

I took up Shargrol’s suggestion. I ritually scrubbed out the big master bathroom tub, filled it with warm water and peppermint-eucalyptus Epsom salts, soaked long, donned clean pajamas, straightened my meditation area, and lit my bee’s wax sanctuary candle. The candle scent is Rapture, which is Patchouli and Cassia.

Well, if I had no other sign I were post-path again, there would be that I’m dropping directly into jhana states that are so deep, rich, and strangely vibratory (like several instances of “me” are shaken around just beneath and just above my skin), that I don’t know where I am. I mean I got Jhana 1, 2, 3 (cold back), and then I didn’t know where I was. My body was gone, but I didn’t really sense boundless space or consciousness. Maybe I stayed in Jhana 4, but it was such a heady version of it, if so, that I really can’t say where I was.

Also, multiple times I felt these intense shifts even deeper—really not smooth and subtle, but grinding-down shifts. Very in-your-face state, whatever it is.

About 15 minutes in I said aloud, “May I awaken as quickly as possible for the benefit of myself and all other beings.” Then I simply sat. After about a minute, I guess, the weight of those words imploded, with a whole-bodymind shift in and down.

I don’t know what these states are. I don’t think I’m having fruitions. I think I’m having strong state shifts.

I’m not sure what to do with states that I can’t identify, let alone control. Enjoy the ride, I guess.

I’m grateful to Shargrol, to DreamWalker, and to Daniel for supporting me and my practice so generously.


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