“Bill, I think while taking my bath just now I had a realization. Buddhism is not a thing. Suddenly, identifying as Buddhist means nothing.”

“Yes. I think Buddhism contains interesting stances and methods, but reality must go beyond all fixed ideas. That’s why for years I’ve valued stances over insights.”

“Hmmmmm. I will have to think about that, hahaha. That statement has more than one layer to it!”

“That can only come about through seeing emptiness, which leaves the playing field open, so to speak. It’s the good news of Buddhism, and it means that everything is equally sacred and profane, which is easy to see while just walking around.”

“Interestingly, John doesn’t think seeing all as empty is enough. He thinks trauma is stored in the body and has to be deconditioned. Hence tantra. Hence energetic/somatic work, to change up the psychodynamic patterns of reactivity.”

“Yes I agree. Emptiness is a starting point. and a useful stance to take, as is the idea that trauma is stored in the body, which I believe as well.”

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