Rigpa and Ground are extraordinarily stable. When I’m with people, I am serene and completely
receptive. It is magical, like I’m watching the most beautiful film ever created and I need
do nothing but be and hear and see. The openness, the vast and stable open
receptivity is safety itself. I have what I give; this is reception.

meditations are deeper than I thought possible to go or could imagine. Tonight
I did the work on third chakra: first stabilizing the sense of the
mother-ground to continually release into, knowing that it is itself awareness,
vast and stable and like the holding of a perfect, calm mother.

I pulled all to the inside and up to third chakra. Third chakra consists almost
entirely of contracted numbness, a frozen rosebud. But it can “unwind,” as John
terms it. If it is seen and felt as also that ground, I can allow it to be as
it is. I can allow it and acknowledge it, not try to change it, not bolt, but
be awareness not numbed out. It is okay, it is okay, it is okay—releasing,
releasing, releasing right into the tension, and it starts to move, unknot.

John’s instructions are, if one has pliancy, to bring to mind a difficult
situation with a certain person. And then that hurt—release into that, too. It
is empty, and emptiness is a yes. It is love.

Then second chakra, the sweetness, and later the heart. John says that, if one does this
meditation right, the very youthful, primordial body will be felt underneath
the numerous layers of tension. This is vulnerability. Yes, I could feel it,
both bodies.

Why is vulnerability key? Because compassion is required. And compassion means
staying as Christ did: on the cross, resting in peace, resting in love.

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