Snow and Truly Cool Son

It is snowing. I just sat in the middle of the night, having had a 3-hour nap earlier when they let us off work early because of the beginning of the snowstorm. Oh, how I needed that nap.

Vagueness of Third Jhana

I started out having that strange new lateral-movement sit, but then I started noticing the following:

Third jhana I don’t perceive very clearly; it is whatever occurs between second and fourth, fourth always being very clearly fourth to me. Third is vague, which accords with what MCTB2 says.

Formless Realms

Last path the jhanas “took over” and drove. Now I’m the one deliberately fabricating them. This is why nothing has been “going anywhere” during my jhana sits – I just figured out tonight that I can and have to make them what they are. Once I figured this out tonight, I found that I can call up the jhanas out of order, by number. Wow!

Boundless Space is there for the inclination.

There is a boundary between the outer edge of this “bubble” of space around me and the “rest” of space beyond that. I need to come back and investigate this boundary again.

Boundless Consciousness is easily there for the inclination. This state is kind of exciting and therefore draining.

About the time that I got Boundless Space strong, I noticed alternately that I was in the mini-dark-night phase of Equanimity. So j5.n11.3. OMG, Daniel would be proud, yes, of my notation abilities! I just checked his mind map, and j5.n11.3 is definitely a thing! His notation system should definitely stay in the book.

I’m getting Nothingness, for sure.

I believe that if I get Neither Perception Nor Yet Nonperception, then I’ll have proper “fruitions.”

I’m having frequent “jolts” wherein little slices of time are missing, but nothing like some remarkable bliss wave. These occur during daily life too. Daniel said weeks ago not to assume such blips are fruitions; frutions, according to him, are very dramatic, “catastrophic,” are followed by a strong bliss wave, and result in a distinct feeling that all has been “reset” or “cleaned out.”

My head feels like a balloon on a trembling stalk of a neck. It feels like it will float away. In daily life, too.


I Skyped Saturday night with this young guy, 21, named Vasily. Apparently he’s a student in Chicago. He’s a lurker on the DhO, read my journal there, and wrote to me to say that he got stream entry around the same time as I. We compared notes, which was interesting. He’s just a kid, but he told me how to get Nothingness and NPNYN. Smart kid. He said at first he was becoming obsessed with the mapping and kept writing to Daniel. Daniel finally gave him this most helpful advice: “Notice life.”

As a result, my new friend Vasily abandoned MCTB maps for Zen practice! Ha. I can’t wait to tell Daniel this. He’ll be positively appalled, haha! Anyway, Vasily said that, like me, he didn’t have any Review fruitions. He also isn’t sure, like me, that he had any Review to speak of.

He mentioned that he was much happier with Zen than with the neurotic mapping. He likes the notion that we are all already awake and that awakening is just coming to know that (realization).

We shared stories of powers opening after stream entry.

He said to me, “This is going to sound weird, but after stream entry I felt Boundless Space-y all the time!” Oh, me too! Me too!

He told me how he went for a walk in the the snow with his brother and “knew” his brother’s mind during the walk and knew exactly these instructive phrases to drop into his brother’s mind. The brother knew this was happening, too. I told my real son that I now have two spiritual sons. He said, “Maybe. But I’m still the truly cool son.” 

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