The Seminal Second Body Brought to Mirror: 19 February 2018

Over the past week, I have taken some time away from book writing while I’m sick to finally transfer selected entries from my 2018 private practice journal. I realized while reviewing my secret password-protected journal that I failed to include the event that began my out-of-body experiences in February 2018. No OBE since this first one has been as extended and mind-blowing, so it deserves its own post here, however belatedly.

For a couple of weeks before this OBE, I had been journaling an intensified prominence of bodily emptiness when I viewed myself in the bathroom mirror.

The date of this specific entry is February 19, 2019. The second body was translucent, and my limbs visually “trailed” upon being moved. Kinesthesia was as consistent and concrete as in normal embodiment and matched the body in the mirror. One consequence of this event was that fear of death lessened remarkably. I experienced firsthand, after all, that the mindstream does not depend on the coarse physical body of this incarnation.

For months now, I’ve frequently been in hypnagogia for about 90 minutes at a time, aware that I’m resting (sleeping?) in bed, but watching rapid, often immersive “movies,” mosaic patterns, bright lights, tigle, and faces.

Last night this was happening. It was so rapid and bright that I was literally nauseated and dizzy. So I started praying for help. And then I found that I could move my dream hands. Then I left my body and floated up in the bedroom. I floated to my dresser mirror and decided to check out the illusory body.

I saw myself in the mirror. I was oscillating in age but not in time-order: teenager, young mother, old woman, and some form that was ageless. I was surprised at the control I had, and then I was back in my bed. I’m actually “traveling” and probably have been for a while but without knowing how to control it. Effective control seems to be a sweet spot—too much control is a kind of over-excitement or fear. There is a sweet spot whereby even control is natural and not exactly mine.

I’ve been prickly the past 3 days, with some anger. All the anger dissolved after email exchange with John, in which he stated that he believed me, that I need to amp the powers a bit now. He said the downside is that it can become a distraction. He said a lot of stuff I need to go back and sort about oedipal stuff with my father and my needing to be aware of the dangers if I’m going to amp up the masculine energy in myself. He pointed me to Almaas’s Spaceship Cruiser book.

John has seen something about freeing ourselves from patriarchal authority. I said, “You don’t sound very lineage anymore, and I don’t feel like an editor.” He said, “Lineage comes from the future, too.”

Much blissful purity today after this exchange with John. Warm bright white radiant love. Absolute purity.

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