XX on the Importance of Righteous Anger

Jenny wrote, “He also says, ‘If Ray Jennings were alive for just 5 minutes, I would punch right him in the face without hesitation.’ Ray is my father.”For what it’s worth, there is an audio CD called “The Mind-Body Code” that describes Mario Martinez’s work.


Here’s a short interview, which really presents 80% of his material:


Your husband’s quote above reminded me of something on either the interview or the CD. He talked about two female twins, both of whom were molested by their father. One had bad rheumatoid arthritis, the other was completely without symptoms (which is rare, because the disease is thought to very genetically based). The woman with arthiritis still visited her father and when ever she did she would get a flare-up of symptoms, remembering what he did to her. The other didn’t visit and said “I can’t wait until the SOB is dead.” In this case, mature righteous anger seemed to be the main thing that separated the two twins outcomes, because obviously they where genetically identical. So the righteous anger thing can be important in life.

Anyway, this stuff is pretty deep and I don’t mean to pull you into this domain. I guess I’ve spent so much time studying and mapping all this stuff (folks on this site will groan with agreement of my self-diagnosed mapping problem) that I feel compelled to share it. But it really might not be helpful or interesting — so no worries!


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