Reply to XX on Greed, Hatred, and Delusion

Dear X_X,

As usual, your explanations really remind me somehow of what I “should” have known, or did know, or do know but forgot I know – so really helpful at cutting back to basics: GHD and dependent co-arising, the level at which GHD can have slightly different nuances from the standard translations/definitions of greed, hatred, and delusion. 

Did I tell you, by the way, that I do not think I would have attained stream entry when I did if you hadn’t pointed out to me, from the other side of stream entry, as it were, what
I was seeing but not “knowing” I was seeing at that time – how I could find a self only when I switched focus back to an object? After that knowing, that articulation, it was then very easy for me to observe how my sense of self was this continuously shifting redefinition, whether focused momentarily on external objects or “internal” ones. Next sit – stream entry. So I’m a X_X [Shargrol] fan, and a grateful one.

I think Dan’s book would benefit from sketching these kinds of connections out more for paths past first path. Of course, I guess the book could also be 5,000 pages, as it is already nearly 600 in its current incarnation.

Thank you. And, yes, lots of seemingly spontaneous crying and lots of confusion, seemingly false starts, being jerked from one practice mode to another; however, some other profound level of okay-ness is still going strong since stream entry, so onward through the fog!


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