Shargrol on My Psychic Car Crash Dream

So here’s a great example of how concentration can help practice but also be a seductive sidetrack. One way to interpret the dream is as an actual premonition of events, in which case you are tapping into the astral plane and jumping in time to see a possible future. If the belief in the dream was strong and the belief in the metaphysics of astral plane was strong, then you might desperately want to get even stronger concentration and have even more vivid dreams and explore the context even more to maybe figure out how to avoid the accident and maybe start engaging in actual powers/intention practice to alter the outcome of this possible future. Maybe working on spells or prayers or visualization of different scenarios.

Or you could say, “Concentration is helping me access nanas, even in my sleep.” Bright light is A&P domain. Car smash is the A&P “event” / peak A&P. Creeping out is dissolution and fear. So the content is an expression of the nanas.

I don’t think it is one way or the other, but for practical dharma it can be good to take the big view at times to moderate getting sucked into the content of experience. Of course life is the content of experience, so you don’t want to “spiritually bypass” thinking about content either: Some people do that of course on their spiritual path and it as equally disruptive.

Hope this is a useful tip. It’s one that I had to relearn many times and probably still will.

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