A Moon Shaped Pool

Shown here is the cover of the new Radiohead album, A Moon Shaped Pool (2016). “With their ninth studio album, Radiohead move beyond the existential angst that made them music’s preeminent doomsayers, pursuing a more personal—and eternal—form of enlightenment.“ – Pitchfork. The giant from my previous dream, “Dream of the Mired Giant,” just two weeks ago, soon after this album was released, was stuck in a moon-shaped pool with me, at night. It was a dreamlike scene in which we were just waiting. Both of us were immobile and silent in kind of a timeless cosmic situation. Perhaps we were incubating the new dream analyzed here in “Unpacking a Dream of Conveyance.” My friend DreamWalker is always yammering on to me about the physicist and author Tom Campbell’s model of reality, which amounts to worlds’ being “simulations” born of information from “the database.” Campbell, a student of Robert Monroe, has claimed extensive “traveling” to these other worlds. If I understand and remember DreamWalker correctly, when one first starts traveling one first lands in a personal “sandbox,” which is a place (nonplace?) to try experiences out and transition to actual traveling, which might otherwise be overwhelming. I figured out before drifting to sleep last night, that my first dream’s moon-shaped pool, which was filled with soppy sand instead of water, represents (is?) my sandbox. Now that I know who the giant is, that he is my guardian protector, this whole network of dreams makes sense.

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