Quick Update: Book Authoring and Teaching

Much time has passed since I posted to this site. My family, including extended family, has managed to evade COVID-19 and have had the luxury of working from a beautiful climate-controlled situation. We have been able to order our food and enjoy nature and solitude. Many people have not been nearly so fortunate.

Although I continue to keep several private journals, I have not continued to post entries to this site, for several reasons. First, I think for most people, or at least me, after realization comes a diminished motivation to commit practices and experiences to verbal form outside the situation of teaching. This loss of motivation is just as well, because anyone who might benefit practically from my current journals would already be in automatic dharmakaya release and therefore not need them and likely not even benefit from them after all. Most practitioners will relate to the Dharma by Dark Night journal here, which is complete and static. Someday, I hope to return to finish editing the missing beginning of this current journal. I have a third journal that is password protected. I have not decided what to do with that journal, which is my most extensive, detailed one. Another post-realization feeling is to keep experience private to keep it pure. My other site will have a new blog that is frankly didactic, featuring draft sections from the book.

The chief reason for not posting, however, is more down-to-earth: I continue to work through more than 6,000 pieces of writing to draft a rather ambitious book, one that consists of a progressive map in plain English, with methods hanging off each mapped segment along the way. Although I am pleased with the work and find that the writing flows as automatically as the 2022 New Year’s champagne from its uncorked bottle, the work takes more calendar time than most nonwriters might expect. Finishing this book is my primary mission, and I have found the need to sacrifice more and more to dedicate myself to it sufficiently. 

In addition, I’m teaching a few dedicated individuals. I lack time to take on additional students at this time, but when I make my teaching site live  to the public, I will post a link here to a contact form there so that people can be added to my waitlist. Some people contact me for Dzogchen guidance, general path advice, or diagnoses. Please understand that I teach only a syncretic progressive path and will not teach Dzogchen cold even to my own students. If you want to begin with Dzogchen, which is not something I ever advise doing, then there are many teachers out there who offer that. I also will not diagnose anyone outside the context of my own map, for that is the map I know from experience, study, and teaching others. It takes months of knowing someone and following his or her practice closely before diagnoses are appropriate or sound, anyway. As for general advice, I simply do not have time to engage that way until the book is finished. I prefer to go deep with only a few practitioners at a time and otherwise enjoy private life.

Thanks for your understanding, patience, and continued support. Happy New Year!

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