“Pure Land” Jhanas

“Jenny, I’ve always been curious about the Pure Lands. Theravada doesn’t seem to mention them, unless the heaven realms are considered poetic descriptions, but I’ve always filed those in the siddhi/mythology category. Describe Pure Land 1, as an altered state of consciousness, in excruciating detail, please.”


I’m exhausted from working on MCTB2 all weekend, and I need to shower and sit (and it is almost 1 a.m., and I have work in the morning). I’ll circle back to this. I accessed it during my brief sit at work Friday (meditation club), and, man, I had tears streaming down my cheeks when the bell rang.

Basically, you come out of the very, very strange eighth, incline the mind gently, to the Pure Land, and a brighter, light state arises that has elements of fourth (equanimity), bliss, and gratitude/love. One way in which I think my state of this may be weak is that the equanimity, bliss, and gratitude seem to rotate rather than blend and abide.

I’ll keep trying to access this and post what else I notice about it. It is a highly emotional state, but one abides in equanimity even when crying.

Heavy editorial weekend on MCTB2, over the jhanas chapter, now threatening to be 3 chapters!””

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