Reply to XX about Interpretation of Car Crash Dream


I’m not sure if “interpret” is the word I would use for the immediate way I felt when I woke from that dream. It was so, so vivid that I remember the exact make of the car, and everything. I didn’t reflect on the dream and then interpret its possible meaning. I bolted up and was instantaneously channeling that “this is real.” I was hardly even awake yet. It was compelling, but today I’m less compelled by it. Oddly, I told my husband about the dream, and a bit about my practice, and even though he is a total scientific materialist skeptic, he told me not to drive on such-and-such a street and to trade in my car – really, really not like him to react to anything even remotely like this. I mean, how odd. He takes it more seriously than I do, and he’s the skeptic!

Anyway, I’m fine.

That light was like the kasina, not like A&P, by the way. I’m pretty sure that I’m still in the Knowledge of Supreme Irritation with Humanity stage.

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