Reply to Nikolai’s Comment about Asking the Universe for Help

Thanks, Nikolai. Your advice to ask the universe for help are reassuring and inspiring.

DreamWalker was telling me just tonight that I needed to ask for help and the helpers will come. Or, if I have a connection with Medicine Buddha, to ask him to find whoever has the skillset I need.

Incidentally, I’ve been really sick the past few days, so sick that I’ve found it difficult to sit up and concentrate. So I’ve been rising into the jhanas while falling asleep and meeting with some interesting insights in that space between sleeping and waking. In lucid dreams I’ve sat down and meditated, so it has been like some kind of work progressed even as I was completely surrendered to illness and being off-line, speaking of not-in-control. Last night, you were in my dream. You were sitting in lotus position across from me and talking, giving me some kind of helpful advice, though when I woke from the dream I didn’t recall the words, the content.

But here you are, and here they are.

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