Opening the Ground and Ditching the Subject

It seemed in that most recent talk with my teacher that what made him think I am working within the range of groundless ground is what I said about the subject’s being gone. I mean, since July 30, 2015, it has been gone, gone, gone. I explained to him that what I mean is that I’m no longer roaming my body fields, no longer continually redefining a subject viewpoint from which to relate to “out there.” I said that I don’t know how that result fits into the mother-infant paradigm. 

Roaming the Body to Redefine the Subject Is Samsara

He said that the roaming all over my body fields was seeking, samsara, and when that seeking stops it is because individual consciousness has slipped away (or something like that – I’ll look back at my notes for the exact words and edit). Because this session started with my complaining about the strange loss of drive to practice, he then asked whether I recognized that my former need to practice was a form of suffering and that now there is “a little bit of a relief.” I laughed, and said, “Yes! A lot – my hair was on fire, so the relief is massive!” And he said, “So that is extinguishment, and taking time to recognize the end of suffering is important.”

Opening the Ground Marks the End of All “Views”

So that is that. When rigpa is perfectly stabilized, then groundless ground as fruition will mean “the end of views,” he said. There is, after that point, no more “deepening.” However, there are visions and there is embodiment work. In other words, at that point, awakening is “done,” the true agent of awakening has been recognized, and then that awakening can “do its work.” This means I will still sit, but, from groundless ground, the awakened field of awareness will automatically release the storehouse consciousness, the karmic traces from countless lifetimes. My understanding is that this exhaustion of the storehouse normally takes around 6 years, but it can be as little as 2 years if, I think, certain measures are taken (no idea what).

Just Sitting Causes Rigpa to Blaze

Tonight I did a brief sit. Rigpa flared at the same intensity the whole time and really all day, even though I was sleep deprived today. It does seem that sitting, just any kind of sitting, even without “meditating” causes a flare-up in the intensity. This seems to be simply because of the reduction in particularized inputs to my attention. For this intensity to be at the same level, at least throughout the day, I will simply need to exercise mindfulness when attentional demands are on me. This practice is called liveliness

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