Metta with Power for Sheila: The Spell

Phenomena are preceded by the heart,
ruled by the heart,
made of the heart.
If you speak or act 
with a calm, bright heart
then happiness follows you,
like a shadow that never leaves.


No matter how inconceivable the suffering, whatever arises is cradled in the space of compassion and wisdom. For the ultimate benefit of all beings — as limitless in number as space is vast — I arouse the wish that Sheila know and attain her highest good now. With these very words, these immeasurable thoughts, and this vast and pliant consciousness, I cause Sheila to know and attain her highest good now.

  • May Sheila open to her reality as it is.
  • May Sheila accept her reality as it is.
  • May Sheila see with wisdom into whatever arises.
  • May Sheila be completely healed of anaplasmosis infection.
  • May Sheila’s stomach and intestinal ailments be healed so that she is able to take medications without pain and distress.
  • May whatever good Sheila has gained in this lifetime never be lost.
  • May Sheila dwell in boundless equanimity, free from the clinging that holds some people close, and from the anger that pushes others away.
  • As all beings are heir to their own karma, may Sheila take care of her own happiness and well-being.


Within the next 6 months, the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will publicly confess its perpetuation of gross underreporting of Lyme disease incidence and publicize revised statistics that reflect honest population estimates unhampered by political scheming and scientific error. 

Within 2 years, the Infectious Diseases Society of America will publicly admit to the epidemic of chronic Lyme disease in the United States and other countries and, in concert with CDC, begin publicizing the widespread problem of this disease,

Within 18 months, CDC will launch a public awareness program to prevent Lyme disease and tick-borne co-infections. The populaces of the United States and other countries with Lyme cases will be become aware of tick-borne illness, aware of the prevalence of the danger, and cognizant of preventing infection. Tick-borne illness will be recognized as an epidemic.

Within 18 months, CDC will issue, publicize, and compel public and private health care providers to follow a new protocol for anyone who suspects he or she has or soon will have Lyme disease or other tick-borne illnesses. This new protocol will require immediate prescription or administration of effective antibiotics to thwart infection, with no requirement for testing first.

Within 18 months, private insurance, Obamacare insurance, public health departments, and Medicaid will provide financial coverage for IGeneX testing for Lyme disease—or for the most accurate testing at the time for Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. 

Within a year, New York State will reverse laws that limit its citizens’ access to medical tests that citizens of other states have access to.

The number of Lyme-literate physicians will steadily increase until, within 3 years, no one who is infected will be forced to travel out of state to attain medical care. 

Within 1 year, insurance companies will be compelled to reimburse Lyme-literate doctors for diagnosing and treating patients with tick-borne illness.

The U.S. Government will within 18 months pass legislation to prioritize and fund research leading to accurate, affordable diagnostic testing for Lyme and other tick-borne illness, and will do likewise to lead to a greater variety of effective treatments to cure these illnesses and infections.


I dedicate the merits of these thoughts and forces to the great enlightenment of all beings. May all know peace.

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