Message-Transformation Death-Creation

Interestingly, right before Daniel and I (temporarily) renewed email exchange, I performed a healing ritual that included calling in, as “third guests,” all those with whom I had unfinished karmic business, especially him, toward whom I sought to wage forgiveness as part of overall healing.

I also laid out this spread: 

Soon afterward, he communicated with me for the first time since November 2015.

Understand the Past: Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords, traditionally, indicates a dark man who in his youth went on a quest for ultimate knowledge and union with God. It is associated with the sun, the son, rigpa, and logos (writing). It also traditionally indicates a spy or enemy.

Understand the Present: Four of Cups

The Four of Cups here shows a gift (shell) washed up on the foregrounded shore by the vast ocean, which is the subconscious. The shell bears a message in the form of a dream, perception, or strong intuition. It indicates a problem that I’ve been working to solve slowly, drop by drop. Although it indicates weariness and discontent with the situation’s status quo, it also indicates patience as I peel back layer after layer after layer slowly to find resolution.

I think mainly this card indicates that, perhaps in part because of my forgiveness ritual, an actual message was about to arrive from the enemy.

Do This: Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a card of the heart. The red horse is passion, or power; the white horse is purity, or compassion. This card is the connection between me and the world, and I have to take care to steer these two in equilibrium. It is a delicate balance, contracting inward and flowing outward, as is the rhythmic force of my heartbeat. This card indicates repeating patterns. It indicates the force of love as that which, paradoxically, binds two who stand in opposition. The whole world is driven on duality, on the tension yet union of opposites.

The card enjoins balance and Right Action based on loving-kindness.

I offered to drop copyright. I even offered to drop my shield and sword first, so to speak.

Envision the Outcome: Four of Wands

This Four of Wands features a phallic tree, fired up by the sun and soaring up and up and up into spacious freedom. It marks the libidinal energy of unsurpassed creativity and success. It indicates my coming out of hell and a struggle with a fiery demon.

This is a card of community, society, and alchemy. It is calling me forth to my true passion so that, through that enmity that now burns away the past, I will transform myself through creation.

This card speaks again to the transformation and healing that will come only from my writing my own book, which I’ve started doing.

Remark the Fours

In the tarot, the number 4 is ruled by the Emperor. It indicates a solid foundation, stability, and the carrying out of justice. Paradoxically, it is also associated with death and therefore transformation, particularly that leading to authority, order, leadership, reason, and power.

Basically, I’m done with the past, and the current burning up of all deadwood is fueling for me a new era of unusual creative success.

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