Current Meditation Prescription

  1. Bathed and lighted candles.
  2. Set motivation.
  3. Called in the retinue across the three times for power, protection, support, and guidance.
  4. Visualized Padmasambavla and let dissolve into light.
  5. Light let down through crown to heart center and out in all directions.
  6. Dropped into automatic emptiness.
  7. Set up simple, fresh, and contented.
  8. Meditated on Lion’s Gaze.
  9. Eased completely off “meditation.”
  10. Looked around the room to practice “liveliness.”
  11. Released into back chasm of throat chakra.
  12. Released into opening center of brain, like a flower.
  13. Inclined gently to opening each center and holding it open.
  14. Introduced the breath as movement through the field of the open centers.

The chakras are taken as mother, as ground, and released into. Tonight there was not a noticeable jump in intensity until liveliness (10) and especially releasing into the brain center as ground (12). Liveliness was very vivid, very high-def colors. But those chakras–wow, I could feel the release, and when the energy flows up and down between them, that synergy most powerfully opens of each of them. 

My second chakra, the sweetness, is very intensely open and seems to send fuel up to the rest. Third chakra is still very open, and a huge layer of former stress went when that work was done over the past few months.

I find the throat chakra difficult. I’ll need to keep practicing and figure out what the hangup is here.

I had some tense situations come up while at work today, but I could so quickly release all with the slightest sensitivity and intention that I really had to remark to myself tonight how much emotional maturing and liberation has come to me in just the past three months. 

The post-awakening deepening is still accelerating. 

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