Here you can access my two public journals. The third journal is at this time private but will likely be made public someday.

Maintaining and publishing practice journals is a longstanding Pragmatic Dharma rite. Many Pragmatic Dharma practitioners have journaled their entire path. What is personal when written becomes, in combination with others’ journals, nothing less than a postmodern Buddhist commentary. It important that practitioners with realization leave these “breadcrumbs” for those who follow, showing what is possible and what making it so typically requires. Meditation journaling is in itself a contemplative practice for the writer. My journals, offered here, exemplify what it means to put in the practice blood, sweat, and tears and let them dry into such digital ink records. They model for students of meditation what it means to bring 100% of one’s being to practicing well. 

Jenny’s meditation practice journal spanning attainment of Stream Entry (first path) to Awake Awareness (MCTB fourth path)

Jenny’s post-awakening integration, embodiment, and esoteric practices journal including divination, dreamwork, and tantric practices


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