I drew, in reverse, this Page of Wands featuring Joan of Arc the other day here: http://jhanajenny.com/post/140320710502/alone-journey-individuation. This must be where the rose-fabric imagery came from in my recent dream: http://jhanajenny.com/post/140614078562/sex-death-fabric-dream

“Suddenly, he and I were in an old-fashioned piece goods shop. There were some bolts of fabric on a shelf. I pulled one down that had a white background covered with a pattern of red roses. I told Wayne, “I’m going to buy this and make myself a new party dress.” Wayne always loved me in my dresses, so he approved of this plan. However, I was lying: I didn’t plan to make any dress, for I can’t sew and I knew this in the dream. I was deceiving him, telling him what he wanted to hear.”

I read up on Joan of Arc. She was only 19 when she was burned at the stake. The flowers suggest her father’s garden, where she experienced the visions that led her to be a warrior against England’s aggression. She didn’t actually kill anyone but instead carried her banner into campaigns. The sword is her warrior aspect; the wand represents her prescience and powers. Crossed, they hold her banner.

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