This morning I drew these three cards after an intensely deep jhana practice. There is not much to say about that practice session except that (1) I still seem unable to attain to j7 and j8 since my July awakening, (2) the meditation was so deep and formless that even after I opened my eyes for more than 5 minutes I couldn’t feel my body, and (3) I had a vivid vision arise before me of a dark-skinned infant floating in a brownish nondescript medium and dressed in a rich olive green fabric. The image came up again and again.

Inner State: Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is the archangel Uriel, who holds the keys to heaven and hell. This card is about arising renewed, clean, and lucid. It is about art, as Uriel is the patron saint of artists. Other worlds are entered by means of an open heart.

Outer World: The World

What interests me about drawing this card now is that the goddess here, as many goddesses, is cut up into pieces in a process of purification and individuation. This made me think of my recently testing the waters of chod-like practices, which involve visualization of cutting up my own body and feeding it to demons (so strong is my love and protection of the human world).

Advice or Warning: The Hierophant Reversed

The Hierophant, especially reversed, is a dark card, creepy. Abstractly it represents the dark, profane recesses of the subconscious. The key over her heart is the key to individuation, where the profane is transmuted to sacred. The card is about how suffering, shame, death, and pain are one with love and compassion. As a person, this card represents a religious or spiritual leader; in reverse, this person has abused trust and is now a nemesis.


This reading is another in a series that speaks to my integrating shadow sides, the profane, and relative-level suffering as I embark on a new journey of creative individuation. It is about depth of my life as a unique individual, rather than breadth and seeming transcendence via the dharmakaya. This is magick.

Image is here: http://jhanajenny.com/post/140781869182/tarot-spread-shadow-sides

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