I did a one-card reading on the other party’s current state of mind regarding the whole MCTB2 dispute: I drew the High Priestess reversed.

The image, painted by Marie White, is one of the most whack in the whole deck, although there are strong contenders. I love this deck, although it is frequently dark and disturbing, very death-and-sex edgy.


This card is associated with Lillith, the first woman, before Eve, who refused to lie under the magician, Adam, but went her own way to give birth to demons (oh, nice!) on her own.

She is the dark void, the destructive force that is the mother of creation, the feminine. Scary, knowledge-concealing sneaking feminine. So, in reversed position, the traditional divinations are 

  • Lack of revealed knowledge, 
  • Ignorance, and 
  • Deeply subconscious shame.

This card is fear and shame amid chaos, with the feminine stamp on it.

The High Priestess is the guardian of secrets and will keep confidences, but when she reverses she suggests betrayal by a woman. She may reveal secrets. Her presence may bring unwanted intrigue and mystery. She can disturb a normally unruffled exterior.

The reversed state may highlight the possibility that my opponent has not fully utilized his talents, or has not realized his full potential. He knows this on a deep level, and the confrontation over MCTB2 ownership and control is forcing him to face this uncomfortable truth. He needs to fully, blossom, or he will never be truly happy. Relationships may become increasingly cool and detached as he ages, compounding his feelings of isolation and loneliness.  

This card also represents not really hearing advice from counsel, ignoring it, not facing the truth, and consequently going further off the path.

This is a reading derives from Marie White’s manual that accompanies the deck, and traditional divinatory meanings of this card as researched online.

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