Incubation Spell for the Dream of the Secret Path 

“Secret Path to the Rainbow Heart” was a dream I “incubated” by meditating before sleep and asking that a teacher appear from another plane to teach me how to remember and become lucid in my dreams. I wrote out the question, wrapped it around an image of the dakini protector of the dream state, sealed it with wax from my fragrant throat chakra meditation candle, and put it under my pillow last night. Pictured here is a close-up of the dream seal.

I’ve had some crazy-looking Minotaurs and dakinis teach me in dreams lately. But this time the teacher was my real-life teacher on this plane, or sort of. Whenever I tell him he was in one of my dreams, he says, “That wasn’t me.” He’s so sly, playing it all humble, but I know better. . . . 

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