Incubating the White Mother Goddess

I just woke a while ago with fragments of a dream recalled, so I’m recording it as instructed. I’m working with a Jungian manual, and this dream was set up as a task under the rubric “incubating the dream.”

For several nights, you see, before falling asleep, I’ve asked for resolution and closure on a certain situation. Specifically, I’ve asked what I should do or not do to bring the matter to closure and fading. I specified that a teacher of some kind appear in to me in a dream and give me guidance. This was the last night I was to incubate the dream, after which, failing visitation, I was to take the failure as answer.

I wrote the question out, along with whom I was asking and what would constitute an answer – from spoken word, to symbolic imagery, to direct transmission, to signs in the Outer in the days to follow. 

In the hypnagogic state I see, so she appears in front of me, standing in empty space: a dakini with luminous white skin, very long loose black waves of hair, and a floor-length drab-green robe. I am holding focus on her, but now the dream is flashing as images so quickly that all story is broken, with only fragments and shards of images of my home life remaining.

I’m now going to try to reenter the dream to see if I can gain answers and lucidity

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