Formless Realms and the Sense Sphere

So, if anything, it is deepening, settling in, chasing itself down every last circuit.

Tonight—really hard jhanas, including formless realms, through sixth, Boundless Consciousness (j6), which I stayed in longer than I did the others. Incredibly rich and solid. Around this point in time, I felt no intention gap before or after action. This is a dream-like marionette effect. It is smoothing out and becoming less “creepy.” Months ago it had a harsh, ratcheting effect and was creepy.

Got seventh (j7). Got eighth (j8), which is some kind of flippin’ weird, like being caught between a light shorting on and a thunder clap popping it off, so, yeah, the name for the state (Neither Perception nor Yet Nonperception)  is appropriate. There is something like electrical shorting about it. I will need to stabilize these two states. I’m not able to hold them long before falling out of them, but I’m definitely hitting them.

I went up the jhanic arc over about 50 minutes from first to eighth. Then I came down through each one rather quickly. When I arrived back down at second, the flashing scattering lights started up, as in A&P.

During the day, I continue to be completely enraptured with the sensual world. Life is shining from within things, an engulfment by light. I now know why thought is considered a sixth sense.

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