Fast Forward and Rewind

The importance of the insight progress maps [via Ingram] to making sense of my dharma practice and of my life up to the time I began practicing cannot be overstated. I’m grateful to the people who helped me, particularly through Equanimity, which in my experience can be quite the trickster, almost a trial-by-shifting-mirage. Keeping a practice journal seems the way to marry these two benefits by one mechanism. Besides, I’m back in the A&P stage again and therefore feeling zealous devotion to the dharma and practice.

Something happened August 8, 2014, that I and a number of others think was likely stream entry. I’m not running over to claim attainment, because (1) I don’t feel the need to, (2) I take seriously Daniel’s warnings that even people of much higher attainments are fooled, (3) I’m confused about some of the ways my happening didn’t mesh with MCTB descriptions, and (4) if I’m “experiencing” fruitions, I’m totally unaware of them.

So I’ll backtrack and lay out some basics: what my practice was like, recent cycle history, the happening of August 8, and what I’ve noticed since then.

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