This reading from November 4, 2015, has no less than three cards in the suit of cups, which of course means water element, emotions. Cups are usually ambiguous, murky, or fluid in meaning. This spread is asking me to bring the unconscious to the fore, to close off the past and its unhealthy interpersonal attachments, and blaze a new path in alignment with a higher purpose.

Inner State

the Ace of Cups, reversed, indicates my current difficulty with new beginnings and closure of an old emotional issue, The difficulty entails a blockage at the third chakra, solar plexus.

A new chapter in life is beginning, has been trying to begin. It is time to withdraw, to go inward, to bring my “inner” self into truly nondual balance with the boundlessness and vast expanse of awakened awareness. Now is a time for exploring relative reality rather than what seemed separated off as the pursuit of ultimate reality. It is time to find my purpose. I now need to nurture, support, comfort, and heal myself to the same degree that I have poured energy into another.

I need to fully trust my feelings, to express them openly, neither overextending nor overprotecting myself emotionally. I’m to forge a way of relating that is direct, clean, and connected with the inner sangha, my ancestors, the retinue. I’m to heed the messages that I’m receiving from dreams and visions.

Outer World

Normally, the court cards represent actual people in one’s life. The Queen of Cups often represents me, Pisces. Water is soft and yin, but this goddess has a tiger or dragon within, beneath the dark waters of the abyss. She has power. She contains the subconscious and ancestral wisdom. Her gem is the pearl. My middle name, Margaret, means pearl. The pearl is a symbol of my life’s purpose, the fruit of patience, hope–the stillness beneath the surface-y roiling of emotions, change, and impermanence. In the very darkest place of my being, hope and knowing build layer upon layer patiently from the dirt. The pearl is timeless.

It is interesting that this card is in the “outer world” position here. What does that mean in the context of my life at this time? As with the Ace of Cups, this card, in this position, seems to be looking at the world and contemplating what purpose I will fulfill there in the descent from middle age to old age.


The Devil is a card I rarely draw. It represents lies, deceit, bondage, addiction, oppression, and personal demons. Whew! In reverse, it warns against weakening will power. It signifies addiction or a unhealthy interpersonal attachment. I’m at a crossroads, it is saying. I need to ask myself which way I will consciously, deliberately go.

Extra Information about the Warning

To gain a little more information about the unhealthy interpersonal attachment, I drew another card, the King of Cups. (Lot’s of emotions swirling in this reading.) This card represents a man with intense emotional depths but who contains affect. The emotions are at an unfathomable depth, the subconscious. He is dreaming in a cool pool of intoxicating blue lotuses, indicating that he is a master over altered states.

Enough said on this one. Mum.

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