Early Nimitta and Bliss

Kurt and Kerry interrupted my meditation, which is funny because I am usually ignored. I remember what one teacher said about the use of distractions as resistance.  

I continue to work with Thanissaro’s Thai Forest breath meditation methods, after having left the Tibetan Gelug tradition in December 2012, and I can consistently stop pain and numbness.

I still have distracting thoughts, but they are few and languid. I need to catch and abandon them faster, but there is an overall rhythm and that in itself may be worth observing. Filling the whole body with the Breath, the sponge breathing, is when all becomes profoundly altered. Twinges of bliss arise, but something in me suddenly doesn’t want to be dislocated, so I shrink, which snuffs bliss twinges. 

Tonight I saw a brown fog or cloud slightly light bearing. I am unsure whether it was coming from the lamp through the images on the backs of my eyelids. Now I am as though one on opiates, with afterglow.

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