Early June Creativity

June 4, 2015

This entry is for Thursday, June 4. I did not sit June 5; I stayed up all night to finish the MCTB2 chapter on Equanimity, Path, and Fruit.

I intended to sit for only 40 minutes but sat for 1.5 hours instead, and didn’t want to stop then but had to sleep.

I was not doing kasina practice, but I’ve gotten into the habit of always lighting a candle or oil lamp when I sit. I was relaxed and gazing at the flame, which was unusually bright and white in color. As I got to third jhana, I saw that the flame was encased in a globe of yellow fog. Then there developed a 1-inch red-orange ring around the yellow center, with the orange blended out to magenta. Outside the magenta was purple blending to cobalt blue, and this was a very thin stripe. Lastly, outside all this was a wide band of emerald green.

This was surprising, but I simply calmly kept it going. I tried to make the sphere bigger and the colors darker, more vivid, both of which happened. The whole thing went from the size of a bread plate to the size of a salad plate. Whenever I lost concentration momentarily, the spherical rainbow would collapse, but soon after concentration was restored, the rainbow returned.

I then concentrated on turning the yellow center to blue. It did turn a pale blue.

I’m having a hard time now tracking insight stages. My best guess is that I’m in the A&P, but I’m really unsure.

Fun! I drew the Devil—lust and material comforts are in the forefront.

June 6, 2015

This entry is for June 6. It was a regular jhana sit, and I don’t really remember much about it.

I did draw a card, the Ace of Cups. This card is about the overflowing of the heart with love. It tells of joyous loving and caring relationships,

inspiration, creativity, expression, and the urge to join with life. The mind is flooded with fantasies and dreams. This card is often likened to the Lovers in the major arcana, but this card is less about people brought together for love itself than it is about the evocation, passion, and great emotional rapport over a meaningful project. It suggests that hearts are now freely open and will express these feelings freely.

The water symbolizes the emotions. The cup is the body, ornate and beautiful to the beholder. This image reminds me of the chalice of my own tears that I drank in that A&P Event dream of the May cycle—I was before a white altar, a teacher or priest of some kind, and then exploded into a fall of white orchid petals after drinking down the chalice.

A beautiful card. 

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