Dreamwork on the Secret Path Dream

All right, I’m going to engage this dream with one of the key questions from the dreamwork manual I’m now working from. The dream narrative is recorded in the previous post, “The Secret Path to the Rainbow Heart.” The dream was incubated as explained in the post, “Incubation Spell for the Dream of the Secret Path.”          

Almost Lost Dream Recall                  

Interestingly, this dream occurred this morning as I slept in for Memorial Day holiday. Ironically, it answers my request for teaching on how to recall my dreams, yet I almost lost this one. In fact, when I first woke up, all I had were slippery flashes of a few images. I lay there starting to anguish and struggle to reach back for the whole narrative thread. But then I remembered that the other day I recalled a dream that was almost lost, and I did so by dropping in samatha breath meditation and letting go of the struggle. So I did so again. I stayed still in the bed, began deep breathing, relaxing into the liminal state again. And – yes – the jewel floated up, a dream ball, as my DreamWalker calls the packages of information, and I had the whole gem in the palm of my mind’s hand. The unpacking was easy as I applied my hand to keyboard before coffee.

List of Relationships between Dream Symbols

So now the question I’m going to answer is “What are the dream’s central symbols and the relationship between them?” This question is easily dispensed with, and I’ll do so with a list to make short work of it:

There are a number of instances of the word “Old.” This is because DW and I have been discussing his thigles and the Oldes couple who finished the Path of Togal.

Vehicles figure prominently, as they have since last October, when Daniel banished me and I wandered homeless. Here they also figure as -yanas, or Theravada (liberation), Mahayana (love), and Vajrayana (transformation).

Old Chapel Hill Road leads to where Daniel and I first “met” a quarter of a century ago, as we earned English degrees in the same building during the same years.

Two visible right turns lead to two parts of our airport. Airport Blvd. leads to the Greater Vehicle of the commercial jets; Aviation Pkwy. leads to the Smaller Vehicle of private planes. Accordingly, I’m looking for a secret, unmarked Middle Path between Theravada and Mayahana. I’m seeking my own way, as in church I’m shouting over the chanting with my own voice, in plain English.

The color green figures in the green hymnal from a key scene of destructive sectarianism from my youth. I quit the Lutheran church when two elders almost got into a fist fight over whether the church would adopt the controversial green hymnals over the old red hynmals. Green also figured in the last teaching dream I had, which featured a white goddess dressed in green. In my tarot deck, green is the color of individuation, and that is what dreamwork is all about. Green is my favorite color.

There are sets of twos: two roads/yanas, two heart lockets to choose between, two hymnal colors, two cushions, two editions, two vehicles besides individuation (self-powered).

There are two characters from Game of Thrones, which Kurt and I have been watching before bedtime recently: Sam and Theon’s sister Yara Greyjoy. Both have abusive fathers, as did I. A reader of this blog recently contacted me to ask me to write about the issue of low self-esteem.

The key on the heart lockets means that the key to opening the heart is the heart itself. This is a reflexive paradox: There is nothing outside me, my own heart, no teacher, map, or key that is going to point out this path for me. I have to propel myself forward by delicately balancing and rebalancing effort with surrender. Rather than forcing the lucidity of the day into the night, I have to allow the jewels of the night to float up into the morning light.

The rainbow colors of the rightmost locket are about the heart opening leading to Togal visions and Rainbow Body. The locket I buy is mine to give away. The locket is transmission. This dream is in part about my finding my own voice to write my own dharma book that will draw on all traditions and be in plain English for Westerners. It also is about my concern that I find or make the path that is fastest for me lest I die before I finish.

Dream Resolution

Another question I can ask of this dream is whether it leaves anything unresolved. Well, the answer consists of a pile of paradoxes. In some ways that is a disappointment, but leave it to a Buddhist narrative to leave you with only a house of mirrors for a finish line.

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