I Disconnected, unplugged.

I watched a movie (Anna Karenina).

I slept through several rainy days, all day.

I watched John’s teaching on Five Buddha families / Power
/ Destroying the whole mandala.

I meditated.

I Performed a cord-cutting ritual, and this time it was confident,
sure, and felt clean. Afterward, I drew the Tower card—the destruction that releases.

I drove to the Tibetan shop through cold black rain. I bought a Buddhist dagger. It seemed urgent that I acquire one.

I burned sage and drew pentagrams in the four quarters.

I deleted Daniel from all accounts except Linked In.

I am feeling free and clean.


I Dreamed I was sitting in a pickup truck that was parked in
front of a shop that was selling altar tables. The truck was running, and the driver’s
side door was open. A small Indian woman led me out of the running truck by the
hand. I thought she was going to take me into the storefront and tell me which
altar to buy. Instead she took me in the other direction, past scores of
people, into a tent. She went into a prostration, with forehead on floor, and I
did as she did. I couldn’t see what we were bowing to. I’m unsure what this dream
means. What I notice upon reflection is that she led me away from the slick modern shop and back toward grassroots. I was led by the feminine.

DreamWalker prompted me to see my higher self in a dream. I said okay. Then I had
two dreams in a row wherein I saw a flowing silver infinity sign over a
rainbow that had an especially wide green band.

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