Last night, after reading the nighttime preparations for lucid dreaming from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s book, The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, I couldn’t resist following the guru yoga instructions and prayers to the teacher to help me progress in my sleep practice. I modified the practice a bit from Wangyal’s instructions by ending with the sphere of light dropping into the crown and slowly through each of the seven chakras. The prayers generate strong intent and faith to remain lucid.

I did some other visual practices. Then, after I crawled in bed and turned out the light, I visualized at my throat chakra an open red lotus bloom with an “A” in its center, and I rolled on my left side to sleep. This was the first of a series of positions and visualizations that Wangyal instructs one to follow every two hours throughout the night. Amazingly, I woke right on time throughout the night and remembered to do the practices.

After I rolled onto my left side and finished the first visualization, I opened my eyes in the dark. I could see black and gray images flowing in the dark. Then I was in a hypnagogic state in which I saw gigantic colorful tigle, from which I roused myself several times. After I sank back under the last time, I thought, “Am I dreaming?” (Wangyal’s daytime instructions are to continually take the view that my dream ego is moving through a dream environment, which is actually a very good rigpa practice even apart from sleep, and I did this all day.) There were five gigantic tigle in front of me, like the five wisdom lights I saw in another recent lucid dream. The answer was  “Yes.” I knew I was dreaming! I continued gazing on the dream tigle, and I had profound insight that visionary experiences, dreams, and waking reality are all of a seamless piece and will increasingly appear to be so.

Closer toward morning I had a dream that my boss needed me at work but that I begged off going into the office to work from home. The temperature was below zero outside, and it was New Year’s Day. Everything was icy white. I had a deep but narrow hottub on my front porch. I kept filling it with hot water, but it lacked a bottom, so the water ran straight out. I thought that the hot water was like the comfy embrace of the Mother, and the white ice everywhere was my vajra clarity.

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