Dream Synchronicity via Radiohead 13 June 2012

After  I stayed up most of the night writing about Radiohead’s input to my dreams, I woke to find Facebook pushing the following post back at me from June 13, 2012:

“I finally slept last night, for 12 hours, and was rewarded with a vivid dream in which I not only got to meet Radiohead, but even cleared all former dream barriers to meeting Mr. Thomas Edward Yorke.” 

I am in a big arena where Radiohead is about to play a concert on hockey rink ice. Thom Yorke is walking up and down the aisles to randomly pick four audience members to participate in a contest. I am the last “chosen one.” 

I think this dream situ may stem from the fact that, at the Washington, DC, concert, Radiohead played a rare old B-side called “Meeting in the Aisle.” 

So I am taken back to Thom’s green room, where I shake his hand and try not to faint or gush. He explains that Radiohead is sending a time capsule into outer space. The time capsule, when opened, will start playing their music to the aliens so fortunate as to open the capsule. 

The contest is for the best aesthetic capsule design. I am given all the building toys of my childhood: Light Bright, pickup stix, tinker toys, and, for reasons unknown to me, the empty plastic baskets strawberries come in. 

My capsule design uses bits from all these toys to make a capsule that looks like a psychedelic spaceship. 

I win the contest, folks! And I even hug Thom goodbye. (Note: I am allowed to hug him; he allows himself to endure the hugging with a return pat rather than embrace.)

Whoa. And so the time capsule has been opened, four years later, and the disk has played.

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