Dream Reentry to the Goddess with Green Sign

So I did reenter the dream of the pale dakini. I visualized her and held her there in front of me as I drifted to the Inner.

Dream Reentry

She is there in front of me, but she flash-shifts aspects, which is hard to explain: She appears modern, in modern clothes, and then reverts to classic dakini form. She appears in profile, relating to someone offstage, and then reverts to classic pose and stares at me while standing in space. The vision is like a television image with interference patterns from momentarily broken connections, different channels flashing in and out. I’m silently asking my question of her, communicating without speaking. She is silently looking back at me with dark eyes. Suddenly, the entire visual field flashes up bright green. This is the answer. 

This was all. 

Dream Interpretation

Green light can bear many different meanings. It could suggest a traffic green light, meaning to just keep going as I’ve been. But I just now remembered that DreamWalker and I have been talking about visionary thigles for several days. In fact, he used a photo editor to make me my own Dzogchen dakini sign from a thigle image. The sign he made me is based on what I saw in two dreams I had months ago before which, as DreamWalker had suggested, I asked to see my higher self. What appeared both times, in dreams on two successive nights, was a rainbow with a luminous white lemniscate (infinity sign) over it. This is my sign, if I should ever become a dakini. (The image is posted next.)

Now, I once saw a rainbow image persist around a candle flame for an entire meditation session. The green stripe was much wider than all the other colored stripes. I wondered at the time if the rainbow halo were a thigle.  

In my Mary-el Tarot guide, I’ve frequently read about the Seven of Swords, which shows a raven with a bright green emerald in its beak. He stole the emerald, which is also called the sun. The emerald here represents a Magnum Opus, says Marie White’s book, one that is a transmission of knowledge. The raven has stolen it from the gods. The card is about embodiment of free will, individuation, reason, and creativity, all to make the work that is my true purpose in life. 

Kurt and I were watching Game of Thrones last night before bed. Ravens figure in this story in several ways. They convey written messages to and from the various realms, the way homing pigeons ordinarily do. They also embody the psychic third eye of a boy who lost the use of his legs and started accessing information paranormally – traveling – through the bird’s three eyes . . . first in dreams

In short, the green field suggests the raven, and both suggest the writing of a book. It is all so clear, the intricately interlacing symbols.

Dream Actualization

The dreamwork manual I’m now using says the object is not dream interpretation, but dream actualization. The more I actualize during waking life what I learn in the night’s dreams, the closer I will be to bridging these two worlds and waking up to the dream. This, not Wallace or Leberge’s lucid dreaming techniques, are my way into lucid sleep. It is not about taking lucidity into the night. I am already and alway have been a Piscean creature of soft night. It is about bringing the night with me into the day. 

The dakini came to me in this dream to give me an answer. The answer is the green light for me to begin writing my dharma book now; doing so will heal, resolve, and close off the other situation.

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