Dream Reentry: Vehicles, Maps, and Healing

Summary of First Dream Sequence

What I’m about to write is the dream sequel to the incubated dream from my last post.

After the sequence I audio-recorded upon waking, I went back to sleep, hoping for return to or expansion on the incubated question, which was directed to the masters, teachers, or ancestors, and sought, because I’m suddenly very ill with a strange vaculitis, to show me what I need to pay attention to for my highest good. The themes and images in the first dream sequence were as follows:

  • Autumn and nighttime at a rural fair
  • A decapitated jack-o-lantern head mounted above a written warning against sexual manipulation of gullible girls and women
  • Games of basketball with a warped ball that was analogue to the perfect moon
  • Advice from a father about my writing poetry
  • My teaching people how to start a white car with love and psychic knowledge

So I fell back asleep and had another series of rather brief and disjointed dreams, in the following order.

Collision of Black and White Vehicles

I am driving a white car through a western desert in daylight. The white car is exactly like the one I taught others to start with the Love button in the first dream. I reach an intersection and see a mirror image of my car, except that it is black. I assume that it will follow the rules and yield right-of-way to my white car, but instead it runs the stop sign and will smash into my car – except that I wake up from the dream just before impact. I vow to remember this dream, and then I go back to sleep.

Anger at My Teacher for Taking My Practice Mapping Journal

I’m in a big house that seems to be a place of dharma retreat and teaching. Other students are there. My teacher John is there, and I go into a room with him and sit beside him on the floor. I open a handwritten journal I’ve been keeping and begin reading a couple of short passages aloud to him. He says nothing about those passages. Instead, he takes the journal away from me and turns to the front, where I’ve drawn maps of attainments and made notes beside each attainment about where I think certain acquaintances of mine are on the map. He knows one of these acquaintances. I am angry at him for doing this. I rise, snatch back my notebook from him, and walk out of the home, quitting the retreat. I walk all the way home, alone. Then I wake again. I’m lying on my left side, and morning light is streaming in through an aperture across the room, in vertical rays. Then I fall asleep one last time.

Two Spirit Hands Healing Me While I Lie Lucid

I am aware that I’m sleeping. I’m lying on my left side. From a third-person point of view, I can see two white spirit hands come down from the heavens. The two palms of white light rest down on my right hip, whose extreme pain was a prodrome of my current illness. The hands are healing me. I am healed.

Before I went to sleep last night, and before I wrote out the dream incubation, I called upon Padmasambhava and White Tara for healing. I then did a short healing practice via akashic records. The final dream was remarkable and lucid.

The entire night’s dreams need to be sorted and evaluated in terms of the question that incubated them. I’ll do that later in a separate post.

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