Dream Recall Breakthrough

So many mornings I’ve woken up to realize I had dreamed, but the dream was just beyond my memory retrieval. Books on lucid dreaming advise one to lie perfectly still upon awakening and to keep eyes closed while trying to trace back the dream. This pretty much doesn’t work for me.

This morning, though, I woke, realized I had just had a dream that I couldn’t remember, remembered the advice about lying still and trying to retrace the dream, and tried to do so. Again, it didn’t work, but I did notice something: I noticed that I was trying too hard. There is not trying, there is trying too hard, and then there is the Middle Path. It occurred to me that I should meditate, lie in the natural state, instead of trying to make recall happen. So on the inhale, the felt sense of the body; on the exhale, gravity and expansiveness. I rested rhythmically this way, giving myself into the energy, and after just a few breaths, the whole dream flooded back up to my mind’s eye.

Ah, the wondrous wholeness transposing night and day. . . . 

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