XX’s Reply to my Reply about Car Cash Dream: Spiritually Bypassing

I was responding in a way that was generic, not necessarily arguing how to specifically interpret your experience. (Sorry about not saying it well!) I think you need to honor the dream in the way that seems right to you. That’s what I meant by not spiritually bypassing, too.

My point was that there can be some confusion around what is the “right” interpretation and that is normal. We are both thinking and feeling creatures, and the difficult thing is that how we feel isn’t always right and logic isn’t always right – there is no rule that saves us from engaging with the experience and the ambiguity itself. When we only rely on logic, life becomes “objectively right” but really dry and disconnected. It feels like were living it at arm’s length. When we rely only on feeling, life becomes “emotionally right” but can become volatile and reactive. It can feel like we’re perpetually reacting instead of responding. I wish I knew what the easy answer was. I guess it’s just about moving freely within both domains and not getting locked into a feeling or a logical analysis, but to feel free to have either but also to let it breathe a
little. Hope this helps better explain what I was trying to say.

“The Knowledge of Supreme Irritation with Humanity” stage is a great name! 🙂

Best wishes!


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