Dissolution, Resolution, and Divination


I did not practice last night (this morning). I slept all evening and, very luxuriously and deeply, all night. There is a lot of propensity to formlessness. All this confirms for me that I’m in late-phase Dissolution (ñ5.j1). Early-phase Dissolution is characterized by increased hunger and lust—and I was unaccountably hungry and said so during the previous day.

Magick Basics for Making Effective Resolutions

Unfortunately, Dissolution is also a time when resolutions are less effective. I was advised to resolve only one time to attain to NS again and to see the entrance and exit very clearly. Because I have only one shot at making this resolution, I think I may wait for a more auspicious stage in which to do so.

Elizabeth, or any of you magickal folk—do you have any advice for casting intentions or making formal resolutions? Normally, if something is really important and I have one shot at it, then I emphasize purification: I clean and tidy the room in which I’m working, take a luxurious bath, and put on clean pajamas. I am a writer, so I tend to like to really think about the intentions and the possible effects for all beings, and then write everything out for precision. I light one of these nontoxic essential oils “chakra” votives I buy at the local “Hippie Mart,” as my son calls it, rise to fourth jhana, and let the resolutions fly aloud. The one thing I’ve noticed is that my resolutions tend to take better if I speak them aloud, so I’m sending as well as hearing (receiving) the message.

Dream Walker will say I’m overcomplicating the task, but I’m a complicator. I like for rites and rituals to be beautiful.

I guess I’ll never know for sure, but I suspect that one reason that NS kicked in when it did was because I had truly “forgotten” the resolutions to attain to NS. I was pushing out that resolution every night for months. I’m guessing that is why Daniel is now advising that I resolve only a single time and then “not worry about it.” I wonder why one has to forget? Maybe it is a trust issue?

I have no idea how people go about choosing a specific tradition. I read into chaos magick for a while, thinking that suited me philosophically, but I concluded that it didn’t suit me aesthetically, and aesthetic appeal is important to me. Golden Dawn workings seem complicated. I’m sort of drawn to the beauty and simplicity of Wiccan-style workings, but I’ve not looked deeply into the tradition, or traditions. I understand that there are eclectic “traditions,” too. I keep saying to myself, “Oh, I can’t wait to be enlightened so that I can delve into magick,” but I keep running into “needs” to have some beginning ability sooner. In a sense, I already have this ability, since everyone more or less does. I am just rather sloppy, I think, having powers open unexpectedly instead of as cultivated and planned. I’d like to up my game just a bit, though I lack much time these days.


Per Modern Magick, I’ve been trying to learn the Tarot more seriously, because that book says to begin by learning a divination system, although I’m off assignment on that front, too, because I’m already doing readings rather than meditating on the major arcana first. My readings feel dead-on accurate, though. Although I write out in my journal here generalities of those readings, I keep specifics to myself (specific people, specific situations). I mention this just to say that there is much more depth and specificity to my readings than what I generally record here. I am recording my impressions of the cards just to build a library of such impressions for myself, if that makes sense.

Warning 3 Years Later

Do not dabble in magick beyond prayer and divination. I cannot emphasize enough that fascination with magick is at best a distraction from the path of enlightenment. At worst is is a hindrance that will keep you cycling through the insight stages when they should have ended altogether. Siddhis will develop naturally as realization happens. For example, when rigpa is open and orientation to the kunzhi is stable, then it is possible, even probable, that you will know others’ minds emphatically and even telephathically. It is far better to let siddhis develop naturally than to cultivate them ahead of where they would develop naturally as part of realization. Otherwise, they will be unreliable and you will be sidetracked from full enlightenment. You’ve been warned.

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