Detox Cries and Vibrating Body Copies

I’ve had several sits but not the wherewithal to record what they involved. I’ve been sleeping a lot suddenly – a lot! and I’ve been grumpy. I’ve sought solitude. It seems like I’m experiencing some Dissolution, just when I was really enjoying my A&P reunion! I’m really busy with editing MCTB2, which is quite time-consuming and pretty difficult actually after I’ve been editing all day at work, so maybe I’m just a bit run down in the mundane way human beings can be.

In brief, my past few sits were not unusual except in that at times emotions arose spontaneously. Once it was tears, even though I felt neither clearly happy nor clearly sad. It was almost just a detox cry. Another time involved blissful raptures, which really haven’t been a thing for more than a year. 

I may as well mention another difference since stream entry. It has to do with sleep and waking from sleep. My sleep seems incredibly deep now, even though normally I have light, shitty sleep. The remarkable dimension of sleep, however, is what happens when I wake. For some moments, I cannot sense my body. Then what I sense is several vibrating copies of my body that feel like they are coming together and then vibrating apart, coming together and vibrating apart–like I’m a deck of cards being shuffled and reshuffled. It is quite bizarre and has occurred during every waking since August 8. If I sit still right now, I can feel this effect reproduced in a somewhat weakened form. No idea about this, have never read about or heard of such an experience. Basically, there is something profoundly shape-shifting about my boundaries now. 

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