Dear Daniel,

The scene in which we find ourselves concerning MCTB2, the
movement of legal props, the sense that we are actors moving and controlling
these props—all this always already has its own intelligence. It is revealing
itself to itself. Our first duty as power-embodying actors is to deeply trust.

My practicing well, as I see it, is to stay clean and connected to you, even
through the adversarial surface flux and grand storms of emotion that are at bottom
huge fluxes of the entire field of humanity, its suffering, its pathos, our

My duty is to release into Holy Will, to simply notice the multiple layers of
present resistance and tension that I’ve built up inside this body-mind over this
life and perhaps lives beforehand. 

This release is not trying to change
anything or get anywhere; it is simply and cleanly to sit with all that and see it clearly, let it be there even more vividly. As I do so, the layers self-unwind and the very youthful subtle body
underneath all begins to emerge.
I sit with that, as well. This subtle body is completely vulnerable to
reality, this reality. In this way, past trauma is gradually metabolized by the heart-body
mind: it becomes vulnerable, completely open, deeply feeling, poised.

more deeply one feels into the vulnerable body-heart-mind, the more brilliantly expansive the natural state becomes.


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